Paul Nemeth Photography – Need a Newborn Photographer in Warrington?

Babies are usually very photogenic. But it’s not always easy to get the best photo of them. After all, they spend an awful lot of time crying or rolling around!

Yet this stage of their life doesn’t last very long. Naturally you want as many quality photographs as possible.

Where can I find a baby photographer in Warrington?

Whether you have a new-born baby or toddler, Paul Nemeth can take the perfect pictures for your wall or photo album. Our children’s photography is fun and charming, and always captures your baby’s unique (and rapidly unfolding!) personality.

Our photos of children can be both customised or with a background colour of your choice. Among our choice of compositions is the Cake Smash style photograph. While Hollywood stars might have cheesecake photographs, babies can enjoy cake-smash pictures instead! We’ll have your baby enjoying some birthday cake while looking ‘the picture of innocence’ at the same time.

One of our past photographs of a new born, include one of a little girl in a basket. She was photographed on beautiful piles of wool, to reflect that lovely softness babies have. We have also photographed a baby in a laundry basket! swinging crocheted hammock, As you might imagine, you can have real fun with babies and props!

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