Paul Nemeth Child Photography

Ever since the birth of your baby, she or he has been the ultimate source of joy in your life. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to share this joy with your friends and family. And what better way to do so than a birth announcement card with adorable pictures of your munchkin. Or do you want to capture your child’s first steps or first word, or her first day to preschool. Whatever be the occasion you want to celebrate with your child, you have come to the right place.

Paul Nemeth is one of the most skilled and talented photographers in Warrington who specialises in children portraits and newborn baby photography among other events. Whether you choose for a shoot at his photography studio or in your home, he uses the latest technology and modern equipment to take pictures of the best quality. Paul works with families throughout the North West region, and ensures that each session is memorable for parents and the photographs as beautiful as their child.

The services he offers during his child photography sessions are:


Paul provides parents with several ideas and options for the setting of the photo shoot. You can choose the background colour, backdrop and other details of the session according to the personality of your baby. From cake smash photography to flower baskets to crocheted hammocks, the variety and versatility of props during the shoot allows you to have fun while you make your little one look like a Hollywood star!

100% Commitment:

Unlike other photographers who want to wrap up the session as soon as possible, Paul is in no hurry to finish the shoot. His motive behind every session is the full satisfaction of his clients and he would give his 100% to achieve it. The entire crew of the studio guarantees that the session is relaxed and peaceful for you and your baby, so that the little one can give her cutest pose.

Patient and Cooperative

Paul understands that babies can be temperamental and irritable, and new parents may need help with the arrangements. Therefore, you whether choose to have a shoot at the studio or your home, rest assured that Paul and his team will be patient and cooperative with you.

Extraordinarily Amazing Pictures

As mentioned above, Paul uses the newest equipment and techniques during his sessions. Thus, the quality of photographs produced is unmatched. The first time you see the pictures of your angel, we promise you will be overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

Plenty of Amenities and Facilities

Paul’s studio is the perfect place for your baby’s first ever photography session. The studio is enormous and airy, with plenty of amenities and facilities. It also has large restrooms to ensure a wonderful experience for all parents.

Professional Attitude

Paul and all members of his team are professional in their attitudes who take their job very seriously. They perform their services with dedication and are enthusiastic to give you an exceptional session with the most gorgeous pictures of your child to capture the unforgettable moments of your life. We assure you that choosing Paul Nemeth photography will not be a disappointment.